Eucalyptus is a multi-faceted boutique agency specializing in catalog design. We offer creative and art direction for photography, campaigns, environments and catalogs. While we are constantly pursuing new ideas and inspirations to visually elevate our clients’ brands, we also rely on years of knowledge, developing catalogs and production design to create a seamless transition from concept to final deliverables. We provide our clients with all aspects of catalog and campaign production,  including photoshoots, color correction, content entry and print management.

Inspired by the lush canopy of trees surrounding our Laguna Beach office, we chose Eucalyptus as the name of our agency. The Eucalyptus tree produces high quality pulp and paper used for printing, which represents our design foundations. Planted in groves during the early years of Laguna Beach, it was often depicted in classic artwork from local artists and has since become symbolic with our hometown. Eucalyptus ends with the word “Us.” This not only represents the agency founders, but also the partnership we have with our clients and the growth of their image and brand.